December 3, 2009 - Leave a Response

1)            What was your favorite project?  Explain why.

My favorite project was project one for sure. I loved being able to go back as far as possible and see what really impacted me to get here today. Look back on the path from point A to B. For some people this was only like a year ago but for me it was like ten years. I think it definitely showed the passion one has in the career they have chosen and for me I can even go back and thank a special someone for getting me where I am today!

2)            What was your least favorite project?  Explain why.

My least favorite project was project four. Omigod I was just so lost for half that time. The first part was so confusing. Not figuring out what we had to do. I knew we had to read a certain chapter with our group (which was helpful) but the chapter itself was so confusing. I think doing games and power points was the best way to teach it. I still benefited from it. I do not think it is a bad project what so ever for me it just was not my favorite.

3)            Do you have any suggestions regarding peer response?  Would you change anything about peer response?

Honestly I think we should have made more people talk. I am so insanely guilty of this. I think I talked like twice throughout all the group workshops. But looking back now I don’t think that was very nice of me I should have given feedback to help the others out. I know when it was my turn I would have loved all the helpful hints.

4)            Do you feel like you were given too much time to work on projects?  Too little time? Explain your answer.

No way, I think it was the perfect amount of time. I had plenty of time to do a couple of drafts and a good final. I someone doesn’t think they were given enough time then they probably left it to the last minute.

5)            What are your thoughts about breaking each project up into multiple drafts or phases?  Did it help to have drafts or would you just have preferred to turn in one draft – the final-for-now?

Drafts are definitely a plus! In high school I would never do drafts even if we were supposed to. But after doing them in this course I found they are so insanely helpful. I learned from this course that I need them and will carry that with me pretty much as long as I am writing papers. I say keep the drafts!

6)            What are your thoughts about the pacing of the semester?  Were there any projects that felt too short?  Too long?

I think everything was perfectly spaced. Every project or assignment was given the proper amount of time to complete it.

7)            Do you think you were given enough time to work on your final portfolio? Explain.

Oh definitely especially since we were given all of thanksgiving break to do it. Plus you gave us two class periods to come in and get help if we needed it. I think it worked out perfectly.

8)      Do you feel like I provided too many comments on drafts or not enough comments?   Were my comments helpful? Why or why not?

Eh, maybe a few more comments could have helped. For some projects they were perfect and really useful. But I felt like I could have used a little more. Except for Project three I thought that helped me perfectly.

8)            What about the course would you change?  Do you have any suggestions for change as I revise the course to teach it again?

As far as teaching… offense but maybe you could put things in easier terms. Because sometimes when I would read what we would have to do for our next project I would just get lost until you had someone else in class describe it and then I would get it. Also again no offense but when students ask questions maybe answer them simple and easier to understand. Sometimes I would get frustrated and more confused and I know I am not the only one.

9)            Do you feel like this class helped you to be better able to read and compose texts, both in college and in the real world? Explain your answer.

Yes, I do. I think this class challenged me and my writing and I think I will be able to carry that with me throughout college and my career.

10)        Please offer some advice or helpful hints for students taking this course in the future.

Do the drafts. Manage your time wisely. Read the books. Try not to be on Farmville the entire class. (I was never once guilty of this I hate Farmville but I know some who couldn’t get off it)

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November 19, 2009 - Leave a Response

yay i am super excited for break

i have alot to do with my portfolio over break so i just gotta keep working on it and i hope to have it all done by the time break is over so i can come in to class and revise everything.

yay breakkkkkk

Family Weekend

November 8, 2009 - Leave a Response

Even tho i go home alot it was super nice to see my family this weekend. I wish my older brother jeffy and mike could have come with but they both had work so i understand that. I finally got things done that needed to be done since i got here because truth be told im a little helpless without my parents. I rely on them for a ton so when i dont know how to do something i wait till i can get them to show me how or help me out.

This week hopefully wont be a stressful as the last one. I have a pysch test friday and basic skills text saturday morning. so i have some studying to do. I still need to keep revising my project four personality section for our group project.

But im definitly feeling a nap right about now : )

Acts of teaching

October 29, 2009 - Leave a Response

This part of the project went so well. Like i said in my other post i would have never been able to gain all this knowledge had i read this myself. So i am super glad we did it this way and i would definitly recommend doing this in future classes on difficult or challenging books. All of the groups made this fun. This wasnt just sit there and take notes off of a power point. They engaged everyone and i didnt even take notes and i still learned as if i had read the book, and understood it for once. I loved how there were games, it made it exciting. You dont find that too often in college classes. Plus the examples groups had were really strong and helpful. I def learned enought to talk about this book, i could even teach my father about the book, if i really wanted to, i dont, but i could. Nothing really negative stood out to me i thought everyone did amazing.


What I Learned.

October 29, 2009 - Leave a Response

I definitely would not have been able to get all of this information out of the book if i had read it on my own. I would have just gotten so confused and frustrated. So this activity defiantly helped and i felt was a success.

My group was in charge of the first chapter. We had them do a kind of scavenger hunt to learn about chapter one, which was kind of like an introduction to the book. We had them looking up definitions of oppressed, oppressor and dehumanization and finding quotes in their book dealing with power and finding the stages of pedagogy.

The second group taught the class about the two styles of teaching, the banking method and the problem-solving method. The problem solving method is where both the teacher and students and gaining knowledge. The banking method is where its boring, like a lecture class where the kids just sit and take notes and the teacher just talks. There is no real engagement like there is in problem solving.

Then we learned about dialogue. Which covers the third chapter. I learned you need to have trust to have a dialogue. They played i type of charade game where someone had to guess what the other one was trying to tell them what to do.

The fourth chapter talked about Cultrual Synthesis. We learned the two types of cultrual actions, dialougical cultrual action and antidialogical cultrual action. They had a great example of explaining this in two different movies. Dialougical break the norms or standards of teaching, kind of makes it more fun. And antidialougical is just boring.


October 22, 2009 - Leave a Response

studied for six hours….got to the test and choked.

worst thing ever. this was the one class i couldnt screw up and i tried and tried and yet it is still physically impossible. so bummed

gonna have to find a new major….. do not think i could take that class again after i fail it. so dumb you need a c in it…

on a happy note : )

i love this weather…finally fall!!!

Super busy this weekend so i cannot enjoy it. Have a tweleve hour musical practice both saturday and sunday so i havent figured out when im gonna find time to do my homework or anything else. and since i have this rehearsal i couldnt go to a barndance with one of my best friends

ohhh well either way its worth it because i love musical and RHPS is gonna be amazingggggg

everyone should come see it!


October 19, 2009 - One Response

so i started to read the first chapter and im lost.

the word oppressed or oppressor is used alot i think i need a better understanding on the word itself.

It seems as though this chapter is talking about humanization and dehumanization. Seems dehumanization is distortion of becoming human.

Im not sure im just confused this is a rough book. Pretty much every word i read goes right over my head.

Andddddd BREAK!

October 16, 2009 - Leave a Response

My group is doing authority to research and teach the class about

We all decided on a sub-topic of authority and decided to have our research one that topic done by october 27th. My subtopic is personality.

By next thursday we plan on having chapter one read so we can start discussing and working on our project for that.

Such a silly game we play……

October 14, 2009 - Leave a Response

Okay so fall is my absolute favorite season. I love it. One of the things i really love about it is the weather. I love the not too hot not too cold feeling. Enough to be super comfortable in jeans sweater and maybe gloves. Its comfortable and i adore it. Howeverrrrrrr…….. we seemed to have skipped fall weather this year. Im not a fan i do not enjoy how cold it is out and how i need to freeze to death just to get to class. Its a downer on my day and my season.

Nervous for winter……

Hoping things get better.

Its ridiculous because i love wearing flip flops and i usually wear them till the first snow fall which is usually sometime in November but now there is talk of snow tomorrow. Which i love snow but snow is for chirstmas break and snow days…..not halloween and homecoming.


Stay smiling….and warm : )

Still Confused

October 12, 2009 - Leave a Response

Im sorry but i do not like reading this book.  i get so confused. the way some things are worded is just confusing. i did get that the first chapter was about fear of freedom. i didnt know people had that… maybe i dont exactly understands what it means.

anyways not looking forward to this challenge were about to take

just being honest

stay smiling : )